Ezra Lipp

Dedication. Passion. Creativity. Heart.

Ezra has over 15 years of teaching experience to students of all ages and abilities as well as decades of studies from world class teachers, diverse institutions, and professional experience to draw from.

Lessons are individualized and tailored to each students unique goals and desires and are designed to bring out the best and most unique creative abilities in each person. And they're meant to be fun! 

General Topics may include

  • Music Reading
  • Syncopation Studies
  • Groove and Feel
  • Working with a metronome
  • Polyrhythms
  • Understanding Song Form
  • Playing in a Band
  • Hand and Feet Technique (without tension)
  • Exercises to develop your own creativity

Ezra teaches out of his private home studio space in Sonoma County, at student's homes in the Bay Area (conditionally), or via Skype to anywhere in the country!

Call or email Ezra for further inquiries or to set up a lesson!



Student Testimonials

"My lessons with Ezra have been awesome! Over the past couple of years, he has introduced me to concepts & ideas that have made a huge impact on my general approach to drumming, practice habits and technique. I am always amazed at Ezra's knowledge of drumming and percussion, his overall musicality, and his enthusiasm to share ideas. I would highly recommend drum lessons with Ezra to anybody looking for a knowledgeable, experienced, kind & patient teacher." - Anna C.
"Ezra is very knowledgeable and patient. He obviously loves playing music and that spirit comes through in his teaching.
I started with no drumming experience, so during our first lesson, we worked on some timing exercises just clapping hands. I couldn't do that very well at first but with Ezra's teaching, I started to develop a sense of rhythm. 
Building on that foundation, we worked on rock beats and fills, jazz and blues beats and latin styles. I also learned about drum tuning, song structure and reading music.
So here we are a couple years later, I just finished my first band workshop with a live performance at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley. It was a blast! Thanks Ezra!" - Hank L.