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18 - Midnight Musings With The One and Only Nathan Moore

Nathan Moore is a man who occupies many worlds and wears many hats. In my humble opinion, he is one of the finest songwriters of our time and his ongoing career has spanned many projects and phases that most artists could spend a lifetime on. Be it the years he spent touring with his indie-acoustic band Thamusemeant, the contagious unbound Rock N’ Roll you can see him creating with Surprise Me Mr. Davis, the multi-media extravaganza and unconventional touring that was Hippie Fiasco, the electronic psych-folk experimentation of his latest collaboration The Whole Other, the pirate radio station he ran for years in his basement, or just him onstage alone with a guitar, a harmonica, four chords and the truth; Nathan’s essence shines through in any setting where he finds himself, and he, nor we, never seem to know where he will find himself next. 

It was a sincere pleasure and joy to sit down with my good friend Nathan a little after midnight and riff about his unfolding journey as an artist, process as a songwriter, child hood memories, God, and much more. Please enjoy!

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Click here for a very entertaining video I made talking about the project! 


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