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04 - Reed Mathis: Telling The Reckless Truth Since 1994

Bass player extraordinaire, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and band leader Reed Mathis is a true artist, whom unapologetically has much to say both with his instrument and without.

Reed spent 15 years exploring the outer realms of improvisation and composition with progressive jazz/rock/groove band Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey which he co-founded in 1994 with pianist Brian Haas. Reed went on to join the San Francisco jam/rock band Tea Leaf Green with whom he also composed and produced records for over a 6+ year tenure. He's also toured and recorded with many artists as a sideman including Bill Kreutzmann (Grateful Dead), Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead), Steve Kimock, Marco Benevento, Robert Walter, Page McConnell (Phish) and many many others.

He now leads his own group, Electric Beethoven which takes Beethoven's symphonies, expands the forms, adds improvisation and presents them in a Rock n' Roll electric dance context.

Reed holds a wealth of musical and historical knowledge. In this episode we discuss many different topics including how he approaches improvisation with his band, how Beethoven's music can be traced to New Orleans music and the Roots of Rock n' Roll, why he has at times struggled fitting into the Grateful Dead music playing scene, and much more. Please enjoy!