Ezra Lipp

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06 - Practice Less, Learn More: How I Completely Transformed How I Practice For The Better

Discipline and consistency have been a part of my practice routine for many years, however it wasn't until recently that I realized how much time I was wasting by not streamlining my practice methods! In this episode I delve deep into personal experience as I recount my history getting into drumming, some of my past struggles with how I practiced, and share some of the techniques and methods I now use to consistently have the most efficient and focused practice sessions that I've ever had. 

Whether you are a drummer, another kind of instrumentalist, or someone who just wants to have focused consistent results improving themselves in any area, I think there is a lot to take away here. But please let's continue this conversation and share your thoughts with me!

Big shout out to the Drummer's Resource Podcast with Nick Ruffini and Benny Greb, both of whom were indispensable to helping me discover, adopt and implement many of the topics I discuss here, and aiding me directly and indirectly on my personal journey.