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13 - The Many Voices of Alfred Howard

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San Diego’s Alfred Howard is a very dynamic character. He is best know for his involvement in a burgeoning music scene in San Diego as he is currently a primary lyricist, songwriter and producer in 8 different bands including The Heavy Guilt, Birdy Bardot, Rebecca Jade and The Cold Fact, Dani Bell and The Tarantist and The Midnight Pine, which are all housed under The Redwoods Music label which Howard is a founder and co-owner of. For years before the record label he was traveling as a lyricist and percussionist and singer/rapper in the K23 Orchestra until a case of chronic Lime’s Disease made this difficult. 

Howard is also a prolific writer and blogger and has a knack for blending humor and profundity in social media posts like no other I’ve seen. His book “The Autobiography of No One” is a highly entertaining and thoughtful collection of autobiographical essays and blog posts speaking of his experiences in life as a touring musician, a record store clerk, a young black man in America, and much more.

I was very happy to get to spend some time chatting with Alfred where we discuss some thoughts on the current political climate, he shares a new spoken word piece, and we talk about his role as a lyricist with so many different artists. There is also some bonus content at the end of the episode that I think you will enjoy! The Redwoods Music Label is currently involved in fundraising to put out 5 new records. If you’d like to contribute or learn more about the project please visit www.TheRedwoodsMusic.com

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