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20 - Rob Barraco: Still Dead but Never More Alive

Rob Barraco Podcast Interview Ezra Lipp Hour.JPG

Rob Barraco is an incredibly talented keyboardist best known for his decades of longstanding affiliations and collaborations with Grateful Dead Alumni. He was playing in the Zen Tricksters in the 1990’s when a series of fateful events caused their CD to wind up in the stereo of Phil Lesh who then summoned Barraco for an audition. He would go on to play in The Phil Lesh Quintet, aka “The Q”, one of the most revered iterations of Phil Lesh & Friends also featuring Warren Haynes, Jimmy Herring and John Molo. He had stints with post GD groups The Other Ones and The Dead and is now a member of Dark Star Orchestra and California Kind among many other projects and collaborations. It was a pleasure to sit down with Rob and get to hear his lighthearted and colorful take on his decades playing amongst Rock N’ Roll icons.