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23 - Stanton Moore (Galactic) - Master of Time (In Many Senses)


Stanton Moore is an anomaly. Most musicians would only hope to have the success he’s had as to withstand over 20 years of lucrative world-touring with New Orleans funk-jam band Galactic. However that is just the tip of the iceberg for Stanton. As a performer he’s played with a who’s who of all-star contemporary and legendary musicians from New Orleans and beyond. As an educator he’s had articles published in every reputable drumming magazine, been featured on the cover of all, has taught clinics around the globe and has developed his very own online drum academy. As a band leader he’s put out multiple releases under his own name and played on countless releases by others, and as an entrepreneur he’s developed his own line of cymbals for Bosphorus and Sabian (Crescent Cymbals), and now co-owns the legendary New Orleans music venue Tipitina’s along with his bandmates from Galactic.

Stanton Moore is one of the more accomplished and driven musicians out there and there’s no telling what many more great things he will do. It was a pleasure to get to sit down with him in January on Jam Cruise and hear about all his on-going projects and gain a little insight into how he keeps everything up and running and at such a high level. Please enjoy!

For more info on Stanton please visit www.stantonmoore.com

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